Crossbody bag

  • Crossbody bag T-S8098

    Crossbody bag T-S8098


    This is the first messenger bag from TIGERNU ,also, it’s a new a new start .

    ?We still choose black as the main color ,the frontage part ,about the cover of the bag ,with an interesting design for the pocket .The Oblique line ,not only for the decoration ,but also it’s the hidden pocket ,really practical design .

    ?This bag is big enough to contain the daily articles ,and it’s the best choice for people who love to ride the motorcycle or bicycle .Because this bag is super light ,the gross weight is less than 0.7 KG ,and the straps we use the high quality nylon belt ,it’s easy to adjust the length ,and stronger enough for the frequent usage.


  • Crossbody bag T-L5102

    Crossbody bag T-L5102

    Modern urban life makes light fashion the focus of people’s pursuit. Traditional office workers always carry thick and large briefcases, which is not only cumbersome, but also can not show their taste. T-L5102, a small cross body bag ?with light??business style, has become the first choice of office people .

  • Crossbody bag T-L5108

    Crossbody bag T-L5108

    This is a bag made of water repellent nylon. Nylon material is also used for the shoulder belt, and the Tigernu logo is imprinted on the belt. Showing the thickness of the shoulder belt. The design of the front red suture is a major feature. Red and black are matched to form a strong visual impact with a sporty style.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8093

    Crossbody bag T-S8093

    This?sling bag is a typical integral part design. The side interface makes the bag look cute and attractive . The difference is that there is no pocket on the outside, but when it is opened, there are more than 10 pockets inside, which can be used to store 7.9-inch tablet computers, mobile phones, rechargeable batteries, laptops and other daily necessities.


  • Crossbody bag T-S8060

    Crossbody bag T-S8060

    This is a typical sports style?sling bag. The front panel of the bag has a fluorescent slant design, and the TPU splicing fabric enhances the neat feeling of the bag, and has a waterproof effect. The whole bag?is a slender design, similar to a cone. Compared with other sling bags, this bag?has a very large capacity, which can hold 9.7-inch tablet computers, umbrellas, etc.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8097

    Crossbody bag T-S8097

    This bag?with?fashionable and young style. Firstly, from the perspective of color selection, the color of fluorescent yellow is a big breakthrough. With dark gray, it creates a strong and outstanding sports style. The combination of khaki and ?gray makes this bag?look retro and low-key. The combination of black and orange lining reflects the passion of ice and fire. It can completely meet the needs of different styles of consumers.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8085

    Crossbody bag T-S8085

    This cross boy bag is very special with an interesting shape .?At first glance, it looks like water drop and brick. Look at the line design of the surface carefully. Actually, it’s not hard to find that this is a bag?designed for the football World Cup. Its line layout refers to the line on the surface of the football, and its compact shape is more favored by girls.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8061

    Crossbody bag T-S8061

    This sling bag is a matched design with backpack T-B3351. Its shape is very similar to that of backpack, and its fabric is also the same. It is Japanese style striped fabric. This bag is very popular with Japanese consumers. Its size design is very good, its square appearance and internal capacity are used to the greatest extent, and it can accommodate 7.9-inch tablet. It can also hold umbrellas, notebooks and other daily objects.

  • Crossbody bag T-S8050

    Crossbody bag T-S8050

    Punk style , the particularity of TPU material appearance and the advantage of waterproof make this cross body bag stand out. The front panel uses diagonal lines to make the ordinary square layout dynamic.

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