TIGERNU ,New invention ,super smooth zipper

The owner of TIGERNU ,MR .Qian ,always concentrates on the innovation of zipper ,because the zipper of the bag is the most important part of one bag .

?We are the first manufacturer mentioned the anti theft concept in China ,for laptop backpacks ,besides the common protection from the combination lock ,we applied the novel concept on the tailor tips and structure design ,like the hidden zipper ,and pocket ,double layers zipper is one of our greatest invention ,which created in 2013 , it’s stronger than the common? zipper with only one layer? ,you can use a sharp tool to tear it ,there is no change at all .

What makes our customers surprised is the new invention in 2020 ,the super smooth zipper ,the main purpose is to prolong the service life .The difference between our new zipper and other zippers is the structure of inside .The zipper head won’t touch the thread of the zipper ,avoiding the abrasion ,and it’s really smooth when you pull the zipper .


T-B3032 & T-B3032A (4)


Post time: Jun-22-2020
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