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TIGERNU started work in succession recently, and strictly implemented the requirements of Virus Prevention Command departments in Guangzhou ,and carried out temperature detection, sanitation and disinfection, and return registration for reworked personnel.

The pamphlet of Coronavirus prevention is posted in the factory area, suggesting that the reemployment staff should strengthen prevention and control, understand more health knowledge, improve the awareness of public regional health, and we ask all staff must wear mask.

We have to handle the virus prevention well ,and we cannot stop the operation of company . All the staff of TIGERNU have not relaxed their attention against the virus for a moment. The corona virus prevention is the common obligation and responsibility of the whole society, so is the enterprise operation. This is the responsibility to the country, to the society, to the family, to the company and to the customers.

Since the end of last year, some employees have not returned home for the Chinese new year holiday , especially the production department, which guides the factory and is responsible for logistics and delivery. From the outbreak of the coronavirus to the resumption of production, it has effectively solved various problems from the sales and marketing department.

Finally, we would like to extend our best regards to all our staff and customers who care about and support the development of TIGERNU. We are all well. Thank you for your concern. In the new year, we will be together and defeat the coronavirus .

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Post time: Mar-19-2020
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