What happened during the special time ?

TIGERNU is a famous?bag?brand?in China, and is the first??manufacturer in China to put forward the concept of anti-theft bag. Since the outbreak of the?coronavirus , we have taken the effective measures to guarantee the urgent supply for our main market .At present, the production capacity has been fully restored, but the sales have been affected by the continuous expansion of the oversea?situation of coronavirus .

In the huge “camp” of China’s manufacturing, the enterprises producing the bags rapidly reach production capacity and dissolve risks by virtue of the control of the supply chain. But there are also some industries, enterprises are facing big pressure. According to relevant media reports: in December 2019, the new order index of China’s manufacturing industry was 51.2%; in January 2020, it was 51.4%; in February, the number dropped significantly. On the one hand, it is the delivery of early orders, on the other hand, it is the assurance of new orders. Enterprises need to return to work, and more importantly, they need to keep?enough stocks?and production capacity. At the same time, there are many cancellations?of orders because of the coronavirus.

We understand that China is the largest consumer country in the world, market demand still exists, and demand breeds vitality.The virus is like a challenge,Tigernu is on the way of fighting .

Post time: Mar-30-2020
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